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Hurricane Ike Shabbos Meal Packages

Hurricane Ike Shabbos Meal Packages

As we all overcome in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, many of us still remain without power. The supermarkets do not have enough kosher non-perishables, and even if there is, many can not prepare for Shabbos with lack of electricity.

Recognizing this critical need, Chabad Hurricane Relief, together with the Houston Jewish Community coordinated effort, will help bring in 1250 kosher fully prepared Shabbat dinner packages.  Each package will feed 5 people and will cost $30. It will include a full Shabbos meal with grape juice, challah, gefilte fish, 3-4 salads, kugel and chicken and can be eaten hot or cold.

The Shabbos meal packages will arrive and distribution staged at Brith Shalom 4610 Bellaire Blvd., on Friday, August 19. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the truck is delayed -the meals will be available for pickup (on a first come, first served basis) from 4 pm-6:30 pm.

Please fill out this form to reserve your package(s).



City, ST                     Zip:

Phone:                       Cell phone:

Email Address:

Please reserve  Shabbos package(s).
(Each package feeds 5 people).

Choose from two shechita options:
 Empire Glatt Kosher (800 Available)

 Rubashkins (200 Available)

 I can volunteer to coordinate the distribution of the Shabbos packages at 12pm-3pm on Friday, Sept. 19 at the staging site.


We will contact/email you with specific details
as we get more information.

For more information about this Houston Jewish Community coordinated effort please contact us.

Visit the Chabad Hurricane Relief Blog

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